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COVID19 Vaccine Information | December 17, 2020

MSFM is enrolled in the state distribution Immunization Program for the COVID19 vaccine.

It is important to have trusted and reputable information on this virus and the vaccines that are coming available. We highly recommend the CDC website, the state Department of Health website, or the COVID-19 Assistance Hotline at 1-800-525-0127 for information on COVID-19 vaccines.

Even though a vaccine is not yet available, we are getting prepared and on hold until we know more. We will continue to monitor new information and incorporate it into the recommendations we make for our patients. Based on available clinical research and development data, our providers have full confidence that the COVID19 vaccines will be safe and effective to help end this pandemic. The Department of Health in connection with the CDC is putting out notifications weekly for the vaccine rollout process. We will follow state and local recommendations for COVID-19 vaccine prioritization for higher risk groups first, then work to get all people vaccinated. We will be sending an email out to clinic patients when the vaccine is ready to go, this may take weeks to months. Please be patient and check this site for any updates.

Until then wear your mask, socially distance yourself and stay safe!

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